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Now Open! Please see our Covid-19 page for amenity availability, procedures and updates!

It is of utmost importance to the Anchorage Inn that all guests are kept as safe as possible during this
uncertain time. We are following CDC guidelines as well as guidance from American Hotel & Lodging
Association and the state of Maine Restarting Maine’s Economy COVID 19 Prevention Checklist for the
Hotel Industry. These current guidelines are constantly changing so we will be changing our practices as
needed based on their guidance.

We want our guests to know that we take COVID-19 seriously and that we are making health a priority.
If you have any questions about amenities during your stay or health practices please let the hotel know
by calling at 207-363-5112.

Public Areas

• Signs encouraging social distancing of 6ft have been posted on entrance doors to our buildings.
Floor signage has been added to the check in area to encourage waiting for check-in 6 ft apart.
Due to the availability of online pre-check in, we are expecting the check in process to move
• We have hand sanitizer available at the entrances to each building and disinfecting wipes
available in our gym. Automatic soap dispensers and dryers are available in each of our public
• The lobby area will be disinfected regularly with sanitizers that are EPA approved to kill COVID19.
o Particular attention will be given to high touch areas including tables, doorknobs, light
switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets and sinks.

Employee Practices

• Our employees have been trained in proper hygiene and frequent handwashing for at least 20
seconds especially after using the restroom, blowing nose, coughing, sneezing, pre and post
meals and breaks.
• Employees have access to hand sanitizer, hand washing stations, disposable masks and gloves
at work.
• Employees have been trained in the proper way to wear PPE. All employees will wear, at a
minimum, a face covering while at work inside.
• Employees have been trained in proper social distancing whenever possible and signage to
encourage social distancing has been installed in employee areas.
• Shift times are staggered when possible to decrease employee density at employee meetings
and at the time clock for check in.
• Any shared equipment like phones, computers, tablets and tools will be disinfected at the end
of each shift.



Reservations and Arrival

• Guest reservations should be made in advance per the State of Maine. Reservations may be
made by calling 207-363-5112 or through our website at . This limits
unnecessary contact between our staff and the public.
• Each reservation confirmation will include a link to our self service portal where guests can
digitally sign their registration card and pay the remainder of their bill which is due at check in.
This limits contact and payment at check in and only the keys will need to be exchanged at check
in. We encourage each reservation to take advantage of this process.
• At check in, guests can expect our new glass partition between staff and guests at the front
• We ask that only one member of each room checking in comes to the check in desk.
• Guest checkout can also be completed without contact through the self service portal on
departure day.
• Elevator use is encouraged for 1 party at a time only to encourage social distancing.
• Guests are to wear masks in public areas especially when social distancing is difficult (in
narrower hallways, around pools, not inside the pools)
• Keys will be disinfected if used more than once
• The front desk radio will be wiped down at the end of each shift. The radio will be used by one
agent each shift.
• Communal front desk supplies (keys, pens, radio, keyboards, phone and mouse) will be wiped
down after use. Each front desk team member will have a designated station and supplies.


Prior to COVID-19, the Anchorage Inn prided itself on following strict cleaning and disinfecting
procedures. We continue to follow these guidelines and have also enhanced our cleaning and
disinfecting of high touch areas in the guest rooms.
• To minimize guest interaction, we will not offer daily housekeeping service (stay service) except
upon request. Any extra items needed (toiletries, towels, blankets etc) can be delivered to the
room upon request. Rooms will be cleaned at checkout. Trash can be left outside the guestroom
and will be picked up every morning by 10am.
• Housekeepers will wear masks and if needed gloves when in guestrooms and will disinfect their
cart prior to each shift.
• The cleaning products used to disinfect the rooms are EPA approved to kill COVID-19 in addition
to eliminating bacteria and other airborne and bloodborne pathogens. We use commercial Lysol
when available as well as other products on the EPA-N list. We will incorporate electrostatic
spray technology for superior disinfecting as needed. We will also use UV light and ozone as well
as needed. A commercial steam cleaner has also been added to our cleaning tools for deep
steam cleaning as needed.
• All hard services will be disinfected after each departure, and topsheets and sheets will be
laundered with approved cleaning detergents at high temperatures. All towels, sheets and
topsheets, whether appearing to be used or not, will be removed from rooms and laundered at
• Special attention will be paid in the rooms to high touch areas: phone, remotes, faucets, door
knobs and handles, toilet seats, keypads, light switches, clocks, and refrigerators.
• High touch guestroom amenities have been removed like pen, paper and guest directories. If
needed, these can be delivered to the room on request.
• Once a guest departs, we will maximize airflow to increase fresh air circulation in all of our
rooms. All of our rooms have access to outside air, so air circulation through open windows,
guestroom doors and balcony doors will be increased during the housekeeping turnover
• If a presumptive case of COVID-19 occurs, the guest’s room will be quarantined and remain
vacant. It won’t be used again until cleared and disinfected. If the guest’s case is positive, the
room will remain vacant for the required time frame for the virus to die and then it will be
cleaned and disinfected following CDC protocol.


• Our maintenance team will respond to guest issues reported to the front desk. We will ask
when the guests are leaving the room so maintenance can go in and inspect the issue. If the
issue is urgent, the front desk will ask for permission to send someone in the occupied
• Maintenance team will wipe down radios and personal key cards at the beginning and end
of their shifts.
• Maintenance team members will wear safety glasses and gloves if necessary.
• Maintenance team members will monitor chemical levels in the pools up to 3 times daily.

Pool Areas
• Our pools will be open this summer. Chlorine and bromine are used to disinfect the pools, and
we follow all required state of Maine monitoring and cleaning mandates (daily cleaning and
tested up to 3 times per day). Chlorine and bromine should kill COVID-19 per the state of Maine.
We have up to 3 Certified Pool Operators on staff at any time.
• Per the state of Maine face coverings should not be worn inside the pool. Facemasks should be
worn around the pool area.
• Commonly touched surfaces like hand rails and ladders will be disinfected frequently per the
state of Maine.
• Per the state of Maine mandate, only 50 guests are allowed in and around the pool/pool area at
a time. That is 50 guests per pool (Atrium, office and outdoor pool). If needed, we will have a
signup for guests in 1 hr increments. Guests will check in at the pool entrance prior to their
scheduled time. If there are under 50 guests in the pool at any one time, additional guests
without scheduled time slots will be welcomed. Guests can also stay longer than their time slot
if 50 guests have not reserved the next time slot. Sign up will open at 8am the day prior for the
following day.
• The pool area seating has been spaced to be 6 ft apart, unless guests are family members.
Please do not move pool furniture closer. When vacant, pool furniture will be disinfected by
pool attendant.
• The hot tubs, per state of Maine recommendation, will be closed. That includes the indoor and
outdoor hot tub. They will be cordoned off as 6 ft of social distancing is not possible in them.
• Our slide will not be open this year.


• Our cafés hours will depend on occupancy and may be closed on days of low occupancy.
When open the below guidelines will be in effect. Please call us for specific hours.
• We have ended self service options in the café for breakfast. A gloved breakfast attendant
will serve items for takeaway including pastries for purchase and complimentary coffee.
• The menu at the café will change to take away only. Drinks frozen and on the rocks will be
served once breakfast is over. Food can be purchased for take away from the Sun and Surf
via their online ordering platform.

Ice Machines
• Our ice machines follow a strict regimen for commercial cleaning. They are all available for
use during your stay.
• Our largest office ice machine is treating the water source with UV light.
• Ice machine buttons are a focus of our public areas cleaning and will be wiped down

• Per the state of Maine, the fitness rooms are to be closed until further notice.
• If permitted to open, the fitness area will have gym wipes available for all equipment.
• Each vendor entering the property will be asked to wear a facemask while on property. We
will utilize contactless delivery whenever possible.

Sun and Surf Restaurant
We take our guests safety very seriously and are practicing the following precautions. The guidelines are
constantly changing so these precautions may change without notice.

What we’re doing:

• Dining room tables and/or parties will be spaced at least 6 feet apart.
• We installed a plexiglass barrier at our hostess/cashier desk and bar.
• Signage to encourage social distancing has been installed.
• Online and phone ordering for takeout is available.
• Dining room menus will be single use menus for each table.
• The maximum group party size is eight guests.
• Single use condiments will be provided.
• We use EPA-approved cleaning and disinfectant products to wipe down dining tables and chairs
after each party departs.
• We will use disposable napkins.
• We are minimizing shared touch surfaces such as kiosks, tablets, pens, credit cards, and
receipts. We will sanitize handheld devices before and after each customer payment action.
• We will frequently sanitize high-touch areas like restrooms, handrails, doors, PIN pads, and
common areas that are accessible to staff, customers, and suppliers.
o Paying particular attention to the following:
▪ Door and drawer handles, light and other power switches, chairs, tables, and
▪ Refrigerators, microwave, and other frequently touched objects and surfaces in
service areas,
▪ Entry way, cash register, including touch screens, keyboards, mouse, PIN Pads
(touch screen, keypad, and pen)
▪ Restrooms: toilet bowl, toilet paper holder, and flush lever, sinks and faucets,
paper towel holders, and diaper changing stations.
• Staff has been trained in proper hand washing techniques.
• Staff will wear face coverings while working.
• Hand sanitizer will be provided for customers and employee use, including at the restaurant


What we need our customers to do:
• Consistent with Executive Order 49 FY 19/20, customers should wear cloth face coverings when
in a food service facility (e.g., waiting in line for pickup, entering or exiting, walking to the
• Customers do not need to wear face coverings when seated at the table.
• Guests are encouraged to avoid crowding at restaurant entrance and maintain physical
distancing in any waiting line
• Guests are encouraged to maintain physical distancing protocols during waiting and seating.
• Customers should not come to the restaurant if they have a fever or cough.
• Please maintain distancing and avoid formation of waiting lines outside of restrooms.
• Children need to remain seated with their party