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Now Open! Please see our Covid-19 page for amenity availability, procedures and updates!

COVID-19 Updates

Update as of 7/1/20
If you are from CONNECTICUT, NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, NEW HAMPSHIRE OR VERMONT: You are no longer required to quarantine or get any testing to visit Maine. You can just come  There are no restrictions to your travel to Maine. 
PLEASE NOTE: There will not be housekeeping service during your stay for the safety of our guests and team members. If you need new towels or trash changed out, please dial zero and let the front desk know. Please leave the dirty items (towel/trash) outside your door for pickup. 
If you are not from those states you still need to sign the governors form. Quarantine per the governor is the honor system. Link to form HERE. Once form is signed you are set to check in. 
Update as of 6/15/20
York beaches are fully open. Keep 6 ft social distance when setting up. Pop up tents no larger than 4x4 and kept 15 ft apart.
Restaurants are allowed to open for indoor dining on 6/17/20.
If you are from NEW HAMPSHIRE OR VERMONT: You are no longer required to quarantine in Maine to visit Maine. This starts 6/12, this FRIDAY. There are no restrictions to your travel to Maine. 
If you are not from NH or VT, the 14 day quarantine requirement still stands until 6/26.

After 6/26,  if you are not from NH or VT, the state of Maine will have a form you need to sign at check-in that says you (adults, not kids) have a negative COVID-19 test result in the last 72 hrs OR that you have quarantined in state for 14 days.
HERE is a link to the state form you will be asked to fill out on check in.

Test results only required for adults not kids (under 18). The state is suggesting you get tested at home before coming to Maine.

We understand that this is frustrating for the majority of our guests that are not from NH or VT.
It is of utmost importance to the Anchorage Inn that all guests are kept as safe as possible during this uncertain time. We are following CDC guidelines as well as guidance from American Hotel & Lodging Association and the state of Maine Restarting Maine’s Economy COVID 19 Prevention Checklist for the Hotel Industry. These current guidelines are constantly changing so we will be changing our practices as needed based on their guidance.

We want our guests to know that we take COVID-19 seriously and that we are making health a priority. If you have any questions about amenities during your stay or health practices please let the hotel know by calling at 207-363-5112.
Please find our COVID-19 Process and Precautions here.
Any questions please call 207-363-5112.
What guests should know:
  • As of now, the hotel is open to Maine residents, New Hampshire and Vermont residents; with no quarantine requirement starting 6/12/20 for NH & VT residents.

  • Guests from other states who have quarantined in the state of Maine for 14 days prior to arrival are also welcome. Starting on 7/1 if you have a negative covid test in the last 3 days, you do NOT need to quarantine.

  • Your registration card requires a signature that attests that the guest, if from out of state, has quarantined in state for 14 days prior to arrival. The minute this changes we will update our page. 

  • The pools are open. Hot tubs are closed as social distancing is not possible in them due to size.

    • The maximum guests in a pool area is 50 guests at this time. During high occupancy times, guests will be asked to use a sign-up form for a block of time to use the pool. This online tool will be rolled out shortly. 

  • Please fill out your registration card online and pay your balance through the link in your confirmation email or your pre arrival email. This will minimize time spent at check in. 

  • You will see signs encouraging social distance between guests.

  • You will see signs asking guests to wear masks in public areas especially when social distancing is not possible.

    • We understand some guests have medical conditions that will prevent them from wearing a mask safely. We will not ask you about your medical condition as that is a violation of HIPPA and the ADA protections.

  • For June, the cafe and ocean suites concierge lounge will not be open for the first two weeks of June. We will update hours as they change. 

  • Our restaurant, the Sun and Surf, is open for Lunch and Dinner every day and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, we are open for in  person takeout and online ordering for takeout. The patios are open and indoor dining per the State of Maine can open on 6/17/20.

  • The beach is open for all. It is open for sunbathing and sitting as well as active use. 

  • The outdoor pool slide will not be available this summer. 

We will update these notices with any changes as guidance from our state is changing daily.